Pushpanjali Rosery

About Us

We are a Bareilly based Rose producer who are known for supplying healthy and disease free rose plants throughout India. Our journey started when Mr. Rohit Tandon was in high school when he visited to one of his uncle’s who had a well maintained garden with beautiful seasonal plants such as Dahlia, chrysanthemum, and green carpet grass which left him in an awe. That uncle sent some of his gardeners to Mr. Rohit’s place and rest is history.

Mr. Rohit Tandon initially started as an enthusiast grower of  Dahlia, Chrysanthemum, and other seasonal flowers and within 2-3 years he developed a small nursery at home with most exquisite varieties which were not available anywhere in Bareilly, won many prizes in various competitions. Within 2 years he bought a near 2 acre farm and started scale production of seasonal flowers. It is from the horticulture department office Bareilly that Mr. Rohit Tandon got some rose varieties in those days, that was a time when labor wages were a mere 7 per day and plant used to sell for 15 a piece, gone are those days. Greatness was achieved in budding of rose plants which he learned from the gardeners posted at the Horticulture Department Bareilly. Again in roses he acquired most exquisite varieties and mass produced for the local market.

Since then he has cultivated many horticultural and floricultural crops including, gladiolus, papaya, watermelon etc. But his ultimate love lies in Roses which attracted him back  into roses, since then he is continuing with his vast experience and knowledge to grow healthy and disease free rose plants of various Dutch, English and Indian varieties. The nursery was established in 1981 with the name Pushpanjali Nursery, which turned into Pushpanjali Rosery in 2017 when the focus was changed only to Roses.

We accept online orders from across India, all year round on our website www.pushpanjalirosery.com and deliver them bare-root only from 15th of October to 15th of March which is the right time to send and pot bare root plants. We have several years of expertise in packing the bare root plants to survive them the transit and reach our fellow rosarians safely in healthy condition.

Mr. Rohit’s vision is to help rosarians throughout the country to get healthy plants of tried and tested varieties so that they need not squander their time in testing different varieties at their homes.


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