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Pushpanjali Rosery Bareilly

We are a Bareilly based Rose producer who are known for supplying healthy and disease free rose plants throughout India. Established in 1981 as Pushpanjali Nursery, and changed to Pushpanjali Rosery in 2017. We are proud to have delivered more than 1.5 lakh rose plants in last 7 years with 99.9% retention rate. Our journey started when Mr. Rohit Tandon was in high school when he visited to one of his uncle’s who had a well maintained garden with beautiful seasonal plants such as Dahlia, chrysanthemum, and green carpet grass which left him in an awe. He became obsessed with flowers and started collecting rare varieties of Dhalia, Chrysanthemum and other seasonal flowers from all over the country.

Mr. Rohit Tandon initially started as an enthusiast grower of  Dahlia, Chrysanthemum, and other seasonal flowers and within 3 years he developed a small nursery at home with most exquisite varieties which were not available anywhere in Bareilly, won many prizes in various competitions. Within 2 years he bought a near 2 acre farm and started scale production of seasonal flowers. It is from the horticulture department office Bareilly that Mr. Rohit Tandon got some rose varieties in those days, that was a time when labor wages were a mere 7 per day and plant used to sell for 15 a piece, gone are those days. Greatness was achieved in budding of rose plants which he learned from the gardeners posted at the Horticulture Department Bareilly. Again in roses he acquired most exquisite varieties and mass produced for the local market.

Since then he has cultivated many horticultural and floricultural crops including, gladiolus, papaya, watermelon etc. But his ultimate love lies in Roses which attracted him back  into roses, since then he is continuing with his vast experience and knowledge to grow healthy and disease free rose plants of various Dutch, English and Indian varieties. The nursery was established in 1981 with the name Pushpanjali Nursery, which turned into Pushpanjali Rosery in 2017 when the focus was changed only to Roses.

We accept online orders from across India, all year round on our website www.pushpanjalirosery.com and deliver them bare-root between 15th of October and 15th of March which is the right time to send and pot bare root rose plants. We have several years of expertise in packing the bare root plants to survive them the transit and reach our fellow rosarians safely in healthy condition.

Our Vision

Mr. Rohit’s vision is to help rosarians throughout the country to get healthy plants of tried and tested varieties so that they need not squander their time in testing different varieties at their homes.

Why Pushpanjali Rosery?

Pushpanjali Rosery is governed by certain principles under which quality is the most important one. We ensure all our services are of great quality including the rose plants. Our production starts off with the selection of best root stock i.e. Rosa Multiflora, and then we choose a field with great care to ensure best quality production. We change our rose fields every 4-5 years (jhoom cultivation) to ensure healthy and disease free output. Our rootstock is atleast 10 months old and after budding or grafting it is further reared for 8 months to ensure the plant is sufficiently matured and great immunity is built. Bareilly faces extreme temperatures during summers (48 degree Celsius) and winter (sub zero degree Celsius), and goes through a great spell of monsoon, making our plants habitual of extreme climatic conditions which makes them strong enough to survive any climate in India. Our plants are a minimum 18 months old making them super mature with great immunity. We start shipping only when the time is right, i.e. between 15th October and 15th March, ensuring that plants easily survive the transit and reach its new home in the right weather conditions. Our plants are packed very carefully, pruning is done carefully, all the leaves are removed saving the plants from fungus, roots are well secured with moss grass to ensure moisture of appropriate amount, plants are treated with fungicide and humic acid before packing and are soaked in water, we use Aluminum labels with variety no engraved in them to ensure life long longevity. Then the plants are packed in hard cardboard to ensure safety during transit. We are proud that 100% of our packages have safely reached their destinations on time. We use best courier services such as Bluedart Priority, DTDC, speed post (only where Bluedart and DTDC are not available). Our default courier service is Bluedart Priority (deliver within 1-3 days after dispatch). We know how much our customers wait for their plants and look forward to get the right Ids, hence we have a sure shot system to get all the orders processed with the right Ids, hence we have our customers confidence.

Principles followed by Pushpanjali Rosery

  1. Honesty- We promise what we can deliver. No false promises.
  2. Hard-work- We work hard to ensure comfort to our customers.
  3. Responsibility- We take full responsibility during production to ensure best yield.
  4. Transparency- We are highly transparent, we do not have any hidden conditions.
  5. Compassion and Empathy- We empathise with our customers and fellow rosarians, and we expect the same from them.
  6. Trustworthiness- We are highly trusted in the market for our quality, sale of more than 1.5 lakh rose plants online (in 7 years) is the testimony of it.
  7. Secularism- We respect each and every individual and his/her choices.
  8. Empathy with our employees- We empathise with our employees and have a paternalistic approach.
  9. Law-abiding- We abide the laws of the country and expect our associates to do the same.
  10. Gratitude- We believe that we are just a means of God to spread happiness in the world of roses.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the updates and videos of our farm: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3TEkqUbI6QENuyqUwVa59Q

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