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Shipping, Return, and Refund Policy


For all the orders accepted at www.pushpanjalirosery.com, dispatch of bare-root-rose-plants starts from 15th of October till 15th of March, owing to the perishable nature of the product (rose plants). 

Pre-bookings (15th of May to 14th of October)

We accept pre-bookings with full payments at our website starting from 15th of May till 14th of October, only to be fulfilled (dispatched) starting from the 15th of October (of the same year) on First-ordered-first-dispatched basis. 

Orders during the season (15th of October to 15th of March)

All orders placed after 15th of October till 15th of March (on season) are bound to dispatch in about a week’s time from the day of order although, usually the orders dispatch within 2-3 days from the day of order but in rare cases it may take even more than a week’s time to dispatch the plants owing to the necessities of field conditions. 

Courier Services used

We use courier services including but not exhaustive of Bluedart, DTDC, Speed Post (only for internal locations), etc. By default we use Bluedart domestic priority service (delivers within 1-3 days from dispatch) the cost of which is included in the shipping charges you pay during the checkout. In cases where Bluedart doesn’t deliver or has an EDL location we prefer DTDC service for the fulfilment of the order and at last if nothing works we opt for Speedpost. 

Shipping Rates are as follows: 

These shipping rates include convenience fee,  packing charges, and local transport charges and courier charges.

18 months category : ₹ 70 (Fixed base charge) + ₹80 (per plant) through Buledart priority service (air service)  (1-3 days delivery from dispatch)

3 years category : ₹120 (fixed base charge) + ₹150 (per plant) through  Bluedart Priority Service (air service) (1-3 days delivery from dispatch)

4 Years category :  ₹ 120 (fixed base charge) +  ₹180 (per plant) through  Bluedart Priority Service (air service) (1-3 days delivery from dispatch)

6 Years Category : ₹700 per plant through  Bluedart Surface Service. You can request air service (through bluedart) for your order by whatsapping us at 8954907811 by bearing the additional courier charges for air service. 

P.S. We send to all pincodes through Bluedart Domestic Priority service except where the Pincode is not serviceable, we are bound to use any other service in that case at no extra cost to the customer.


We pack bare-root plants after removing the leaves and unwanted parts of the plants and cover the roots in moss-grass to maintain moisture (which is good enough for 10 days), and make the bundle in such a manner that there is no transit loss (we have proudly delivered more than 10,000 packages safely till now). 


Owing to the perishable nature of the product, we do not accept any returns. 



We do not have any provision for refund.



We do not have any provision for cancellation of an order (whether fresh order or pre-booked order) placed with Pushpanjali Rosery.


All clients are responsible and are of full understanding that they have fully satisfied themselves about the quality and species of seedlings being booked or purchased. In the event of unfortunate dispute, the claim is liable to be settled within the jurisdiction of Bareilly. 

Note: We reserve all rights to change the information on this page anytime without any further notice.

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