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10 Rose Plants


18 Months old mature and disease free bare-root plants.

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10 Rose plants of different varieties are offered in this plan which are hardy, best for beginners. The plan is inclusive of courier and packing charges. Following are the varieties in this plan. Age: 18 Months

  1. Aditya bred by Kasturi Rangan in 1990. Deep Yellow, well formed.
  2. Amalia bred by Meilland in 1986. Lustrous Scarlet crimson.
  3. Bride bred by Fryer in 1998. Soft Pink. Scented, shapely.
  4. Candelabra bred by Zary in 1999. Orange red grandiflora, fragrant.
  5. Caroline De Monaco bred by Meilland in 1998. Cream, High Centered, Fragrant.
  6. Delicia bred by Kordes in 1985. Yellow, enormous, good form.
  7. Gold Star bred by Cants in 1984. Bright Yellow, shapely, well formed.
  8. Gitte bred by Kordes in 1978. Rich apricot blend, shapely, high centered, large.
  9. Graffin Sonja bred by Kordes in 1994, deep pink with brighter pink edges, well formed, scented.
  10. Kaladi bred by Kasturi and Sriram in 1988,. Salmon yellow ageing to deeper tones of apricot orange red.

Pushpanjali Rosery is known for sending healthy and disease free bare-root rose plants. Delivery starts on 15th of October, 2024 for all the pre-booked orders accepted at this time.


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