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Pierre Arditi (H47)


Pierre Arditi (H47)

Pierre Arditi Rose is bred by Meilland in 2011. Simply the best rose variety in white till date. Beautifully shaped, most perfect, full of petals, strong fruity fragrance, free, vigorous. #perieardit #periardit #pieriearditi #periearditi

Healthy Rose Plant

Bring home mature and healthy Pierre Arditi rose plant bred by Meilland and multiplied by Pushpanjali Rosery, buy from Pushpanjali Rosery for all the following reasons:

  1. Healthy rose plant (min. 18 Months old) min. two basal shoots (thick and tall)
  2. Disease free rose plant:  since we change our rose fields every 4-5 years, we are easily able to ensure disease free rose plants.
  3. Id match: We follow a rigorous system and engage ourselves while packing of roses to make sure you get the right id rose plants.
  4. Permanent Labels: We use Aluminum coil to engrave the variety no. to make it permanent for life.
  5. Pre-packing treatment: We take time to treat the rose plants with fungicide and soak them in water so that you receive rose plants in best condition.
  6. Perfect packing: We spend great amount of time and material to pack the bare-root rose plants the way they are supposed to, we follow the best practices, we prune the plants in the right manner leaving a whole lot of dormant growth buds or eye so that you receive a plant which takes good growth quickly. We use moss grass to maintain moisture.
  7. Best Courier Service: We use best of the courier services to make sure you receive your mature rose plants from anywhere 24 hrs to 96 hrs depending on the city and its proximity to any metro city. We use Bluedart by default, our second preference is DTDC in case of unavailability of Bluedart serviceability in your city, and our last preference is Speed Post for remote locations where neither of the two services are available at that moment.

Do Go through this video to see how healthy plants Pushpanjali Rosery sends to its customers.

Pushpanjali Rosery is known for sending healthy and disease free bare-root rose plants. Delivery starts on 15th of October, 2024 for all the pre-booked orders accepted at this time.


18 Months, 3 Years, 4 Years, 7 Years


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